10:50 pm, 24 Jul 2009

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vsentyabre @ 10:56 pm, 24 Jul 2009
Again, thank you so much for all the kind words! Enjoy page 4! Not much is happening yet. The fun stuff starts next page. ;)

Any comments or suggestions on the dialogue would be appreciated. Is it confusing? Does it look funny? Too many words on one page? There will be TONS of dialogue in the future and I have no idea how to do it...

@ BlackCatz: I volunteered in a hospital for a year, so I got used to seeing IV bags every day. Also, all my doctor info comes from my dad, but fortunately he has no idea what I use that info for. ;)

@ Spazington: Thanks! I'm rather proud of the panels in this one, so I'm glad you noticed. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this comic thing... :)

@ al-ee-gai-twers: I'm very flattered. Thank you. That's a huge compliment to me.

@ Striped Orange Socks: Ehh, whoever said he was straight? XDDD It's a bit late to still be questioning at his age, although I shouldn't judge. Hahaha. Thanks for the funny comment!
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BlackCatz @ 11:00 pm, 24 Jul 2009
awesome ~ this page is so neat ~ you're really awesome with perspective!

LOL ~ good thing your dad doesn't know, eh? That's neat >.< having a in-house resource to draw from~
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Makoto @ 11:44 pm, 24 Jul 2009
liking your style so far :)
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heigei @ 03:46 am, 25 Jul 2009
I like this comic. The style is very good, and it is clear you've got a hang on the anatomy part o.o I like the gray, foggy-kinda style of the comic. And your eye for details is a nice touch. I mean, even though the details are blurred and you don't really notice them, they're great!

My only concern is what you just asked us, whether the Dialouge's confusing or not. I wouldn't say it's CONFUSING, but I mean, I get a bit disoriented when reading something from left to right and then BAM the speech bubbles read RIGHT to LEFT. But er...maybe that's just me?
Don't worry about it being too much dialouge. As long as you divide it up so that it doesn't look like a textblock of doom, it's fine :D People aren't here for the dialouge anyways! 8OOO I kid I kid.....

pointless rambling.

I'm faving! :D
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:) -
Striped Orange Socks @ 01:24 pm, 25 Jul 2009
Man, this comic is so awesome.
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