10:45 pm, 07 Jan 2010

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Finished Script! -
vsentyabre @ 10:48 pm, 07 Jan 2010
Living in a single again, just for the winter semester. It's funny how I revert back to the pencil and camera ways whenever I live alone.

Anyway, the entire script for this comic is officially done. I'm actually looking for just one beta-reader here on SJ, preferably someone who is a comic artist or writer. The whole thing is about 10000 words in script format, roughly 220 pages. PM me if you're interested!

Edit: Beta reader found!

@ rainbird: Haha, so do I! Thanks so much!

@ strangy: The graininess comes from the camera and me messing with the brightness/contrast and sharpen tool. Glad you like it--I think I may stick with this style. :)

@ oxygentank: Of course! Haha, thanks!

@ sianstudios: I find that having a script makes me want to finish the comic more, since I've already invested all that time into writing it! ;)
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Rainbird @ 12:27 pm, 08 Jan 2010
Hee hee~ I know what kind of dizzy he is. <3

Lovely page, once again! Can't wait to see more!

Good luck finding a beta. I'd offer, but I've not done that for a few years now. @_@ Though, if you don't find anyone else...
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Strangy @ 02:37 pm, 08 Jan 2010
This is going to sound weird but I think the camera gives it a sort of grainy quality that fits in nicely with the art/story (unless you did that deliberately in Gimp in which case disregard haha)

This kind of reminds me of when I was in hospital, except I had no handsome doctors to care for me :c sigh.
I like how Dr Brodsky lists the types of dizziness :B I AM DIZZY, DOCTOR. DIZZY FOR YOUR LOVE.
it is less romantic than it sounds though
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Oxygentank @ 10:06 pm, 08 Jan 2010
dizzy in love, of coursee
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